Hawaii Goes to War: The Aftermath of Pearl Harbor

Wilbur D. Jones Jr., Carroll Robbins Jones

  • Hawaii Goes to War: The Aftermath of Pearl Harbor

For six months following the December 7, 1941, attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii rearmed and awaited the inevitable. Patricia O’Meara Robbins, a professional photographer, documented everyday life as the shocked Oahu community recovered from one attack and prepared for another. The Joneses skillfully interweave Carroll’s childhood remembrances with the history of the fleet salvage operations that enabled the navy to take on the Japanese armed forces. They follow the war from Pearl Harbor to the battles of the Coral Sea that led up to the triumph of Midway.

“This work…is impressive for a number of reasons. It provides the reader with a detailed description of the Japanese attack…and the navy’s monumental salvage operation…Just as important is their description of life on Oahu before, during, and after the attack and how the American residents…rallied to the flag in a time of real crisis. The work, well illustrated with original photographs, presents a new, positive account of one of the most dramatic events in American history.”

Edward Marolda, Ph.D., author and Senior Historian, Naval Historical Center

“Every American should read this book…the story of how a navy family living in Honolulu on 7 December 1941 faced the chaos of martial law, blackouts, curfew, rationing, food shortages, and the constant realization that they could at any moment learn that the naval officer husband and father had been killed. It tells of the navy’s heroic comeback…[and] two wonderful kids, who despite the deprivations of war and widespread fears of a Japanese invasion, remained courageous and upbeat.”

Captain Charles R. Calhoun, USN (Ret.), WWII destroyer commander, and author of Typhoon: The Other Enemy, and Tin Can Sailor: Life Aboard the USS Sterrett 1939-1945

Author Wilbur D. Jones Jr. ; Carroll Robbins Jones
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