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Cavalry on the Roads to Gettysburg: Kilpatrick at Hanover and Hunterstown

George A. Rummel, III

The cavalry actions surrounding the Battle of Gettysburg receive the attention they deserve. Kilpatrick is revealed as the first effective cavalry leader the Union produced.

Hardcover • ISBN 9781572491748


Gateway to Gettysburg: The Second Battle of Winchester

Larry B. Maier

Gateway to Gettysburg: The Second Battle of Winchester chronicles the Federal military disaster that heralded the commencement of the Gettysburg campaign.

Hardcover • ISBN 9781572492875


Gettysburg's Bloody Wheatfield

Jay Jorgensen

The fight for the Wheatfield at Gettysburg on July 2, 1863, has long been one of the most confusing and misunderstood engagements of that famous battle until now.

Paperback • ISBN 9781572493605


Into the Fight: Pickett's Charge at Gettysburg

John Michael Priest

Taking advantage of over 130 years of arguments, reminiscences, and interpretations of that July 1863 moment when history stood still, Priest presents the most challenging account yet written of Pickett's Charge.

Paperback • ISBN 9781572493216


Roads from Gettysburg

John W. Schildt

The ten days after the Battle of Gettysburg are told here in human terms. From the burial and cleanup of the battlefield to the marching in mud and rain, the suffering and agony of the wounded, this is the overlooked story.

Paperback • ISBN 9781572491816


Roads to Gettysburg: Lee's Invasion of the North, 1863

Bradley M. Gottfried

Taking a day-by-day approach that weaves numerous contemporary accounts into the narrative, Roads to Gettysburg is a highly readable source of information about this critical event in U.S. history.

Hardcover • ISBN 9781572492844


Struggle for the Round Tops: Law's Alabama Brigade at the Battle of Gettysburg

Morris M. Penny ; J. Gary Laine

The account incorporates a number of human interest stories. A complete roster of Law's brigade command structure is included along with biographical profiles of the brigade officers present at the battle.

Paperback • ISBN 9781572492233


That Vast Procession of Misery: Lee's Wounded Retreat from Gettysburg

William G. Williams

When the Battle of Gettysburg ended Robert E. Lee faced the problem of getting wounded back to Virginia. Some prisoners, others out of reach, and a few would die if moved. On July 4, 1863 two wagon trains carrying 8,000 Confederate wounded dispatched.

Library • ISBN 9781572494022

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