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Thank you for your interest in White Mane Publishing Co., Inc. and its subsidiaries. Our publishing company consists of three imprints:

White Mane Books

White Mane Books™

Publishes quality, non-fiction, military history titles for the avid collector.

Burd Street Press

Burd Street Press™

Publishes general, non-fiction, military history books for the pure enjoyment of reading history.

White Mane Kids

White Mane Kids™

Publishes historical based children's fiction for middle grade and young adult readers. Each book contains accurate historical information while captivating the readers with fascinating stories. White Mane Kids™ does not, however, publish picture books at this time.

How to Submit

If your submission fits one of the above categories, you can choose to send proposal materials via one of two options below. Once received, a proposal review is generally completed in 1 month. Manuscript review by our acquisitions board may take 3–4 months.

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Option 1: Send by Postal Mail

  1. Download and print out the Proposal Guidelines form.

    Proposal Guidelines

  2. Fill out the form, then mail it and your manuscript materials to:

    Attn: Acquisitions Department
    White Mane Publishing Co., Inc.
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    United States

Shipping Notice: While every care will be taken of your submission, we cannot be responsible for loss or damages, whether it be in our possession or in transit. If you are concerned about receipt of your materials, please send it by a carrier that provides tracking services.

Returning Materials: We will only return materials when a self-addressed stamped shipping envelope with adequate postage is enclosed.

Option 2: Send Electronically

Thank you for your interest in White Mane Publishing Company, Inc. and its subsidiaries. We must consider all book ideas in a standard format; therefore, please complete this form in its entirety and attach your proposal materials or complete manuscript. — Acquisitions Department

General Information

A brief paragraph describing why you feel this topic is important. What new information, insights, or approach does your work add to existing works on this topic?

A brief paragraph outlining the marketing potential of your work. What types of contacts have you made in this field? Indicate any organizations or associations that may help in promoting the book.

A brief paragraph that describes your book to a potential buyer.

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  • DO NOT send pictures or other media! Photographs and illustrations are not neccessary (cite references only) and should be excluded from your manuscript.
  • Only the following word processor or document formats are accepted by this upload tool:

    Rich Text Format .RTF

    PDF (Portable Document Format) .PDF

    Microsoft Word .DOC .DOCX

    Plain Text .TXT

    If your files are not one of these formats, then please export them to an acceptable format before uploading.
  • The names of your files should include the title of your manuscript and/or your full name as entered above. This ensures your documents are recognizable to us. Some file name examples are:
    A Tale of Two Cities.rtf
    Charles Dickens.docx
    A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens.pdf
    Charles Dickens - A Tale of Two Cities.txt

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Once received, a proposal review is generally completed in 1 month. Manuscript review by our acquisitions board may take 3–4 months.