Into the Fight: Pickett's Charge at Gettysburg

John Michael Priest

  • Into the Fight: Pickett's Charge at Gettysburg

Challenging conventional views, stretching the minds of Civil War enthusiasts and scholars as only John Michael Priest can, Into the Fight is both a scholarly and a revisionist interpretation of the most famous charge in American history. Using a wide array of sources, ranging from the monuments on the Gettysburg battlefield to the accounts of the participants themselves, Priest here rewrites the conventional thinking about this unusually emotional, yet serious, moment in our Civil War. Starting with a fresh point of view, and with no axes to grind, Into the Fight challenges all interested in that stunning moment in history to rethink their assumptions.

Worthwhile for its use of soldiers' accounts, valuable for its forcing the reader to rethink the common assumptions about the charge, critics may disagree with this research, but they cannot ignore it.

"Provides a new scholarly interpretation of Pickett's Charge at Gettysburg...From Northern and Southern battles it’s packed with paragraphs on history."

The Midwest Book Review

"A detailed, hour-by-minute account containing stories from participants."

Virginia Libraries

"Priest has found heart-wrenching accounts of all the damage that can be done to human beings by other human beings. He does this very well. It is amazing, after reading this, that anybody survived the battle....a stirring good read of an exceptionally dramatic incident in our country's history...a book one would do well to take to the actual field on a visit."

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"Priest's amount of detail is overwhelming. And yet such specificity is also quite compelling....There are dramatic stories of heroism, but there are also repeated examples of cowardice and brutality. In the process, Priest manages to show just how random and confused Civil War battles were, despite larger purposes and strategies."

The Journal of Southern History

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