Lottie's Courage: A Contraband Slave's Story

Phyllis Hall Haislip

  • Lottie's Courage: A Contraband Slave's Story

Williamsburg Regional Library, Colonial Williamsburg

Beacon of Freedom Award Winner

Ten-year-old Lottie is sold away from her mother at a slave auction in Williamsburg, Virginia. Bought by the evil slave trader Nephus Slye, Lottie travels south tied to other slaves. The uncertainty of her future leads Lottie to attempt escape. With Weza, an older woman who befriends her, Lottie slips away in the darkness. Morning finds the slave trader and his dogs closing in.

The yelping grew nearer. Soon it was replaced by growling and barking as the dogs surrounded the thicket. One dog began crawling toward them, baring his long teeth and snarling. Lottie buried her head in Weza’s chest, waiting for the dog to reach them. Lottie’s heart beat fast. She heard a horse neigh somewhere nearby. She raised her head. The dog lunged toward her neck.

This historical novel is based on memoirs and other records describing the experiences of runaway slaves who found refuge at Fortress Monroe in Virginia during the Civil War. Life among the contraband slaves provides the setting for Lottie’s struggle to overcome her fears and keep alive the hope that someday she will find her mother.

Author Phyllis Hall Haislip
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