Pacific Odyssey: History of the USS Steele during WWII

Walbrook D. Swank

  • Pacific Odyssey: History of the USS Steele during WWII

Pacific Odyssey is the exciting story of the events and operations of the USS Steele, DE-8, in the Asiatic-Pacific Theater of War from July 1943 to September 1945.

In 1943, as one of the first two Destroyer Escorts in the Southwest Pacific, this ship escorted convoys through submarine-infested waters in the area of the Solomon and Marshall Islands and was one of the first ships into Majuro, Kwajalein, and Eniwetok.

In 1944 the USS Steele, DE-8, was taking convoys to Saipan and Guam and assisted in the raids on Marcus and Wake Islands and the shore bombardment in the Eastern Carolinas. The ship participated in the invasion of the Palaus and Leyte. The vessel was engaged in the training of allied submarines in evasive tactics to thwart Japanese submarine attacks on allied shipping.

The ship and its crew of 186 officers and men sailed 142,439 miles or equal to 5.7 times around the world in the wide expanses of the Pacific Ocean in contributing to the defeat of the Japanese in World War II.

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