Prince of Edisto: Brigadier General Micah Jenkins, CSA

James K. Swisher

  • Prince of Edisto: Brigadier General Micah Jenkins, CSA

Micah Jenkins, a product of the Edisto Island plantation culture, developed into one of the outstanding regimental and brigade commanders in Lee’s Confederate army. Jenkins took part in the action at First Manassas, Williamsburg, and Seven Pines, commanding the Palmetto Sharpshooters in the Seven Days’ battle. After the Battle of Chickamauga, Jenkins’s brigade arrived in Georgia, where Jenkins commanded Hood’s division and then resumed command of his South Carolina Brigade. He later returned to Virginia, where he was tragically slain by friendly fire in the Battle of the Wilderness.

In Prince of Edisto, Swisher presents a picture of this brave, intelligent leader, whose skills have often been overlooked. Using contemporary writings alongside Jenkins’s letters, Swisher shows a range of events and well-researched material.

“Swisher has resurrected, in admirable fashion, the career of a commander whose contributions and sacrifice might otherwise have gone unappreciated. He handles the complexity of the larger military setting clearly and economically, and his evaluation of Jenkins’s abilities particularly given the infighting within Longstreet’s command while in the western theatre, appears judicious. Devotees of Civil War literature will find this slender volume a satisfying read.”

Virginia Libraries, State Library of Virginia

“Extensively researched and of extraordinary quality.”

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