Raw Pork and Hardtack: A Civil War Memoir from Manassas to Appomattox

Walbrook D. Swank

  • Raw Pork and Hardtack: A Civil War Memoir from Manassas to Appomattox

Robert Catlett Cave of Orange County, Virginia promised his dying father that he would serve Virginia as long as she might need his services. He joined the Montpelier Guard, Company A, Thirteenth Virginia Infantry Regiment, Army of Northern Virginia, C.S.A. This unit participated in more than seventy engagements during its career—from Manassas to Appomattox.

In his brilliant, vivid and fascinating story of his Civil War experiences, this member of General “Stonewall” Jackson’s “foot cavalry” takes the reader through four years of battles and engagements with eyewitness accounts of fierce and bloody combat. He was wounded twice and his narrative brings the “Rebel Yell” to life. During the four years of the conflict, the killing fields of Virginia saw sixty-five percent of all the fighting that occurred during the war.

Gaines’ Mill.... “The losses to my company, which had lost half its complement in the valley campaign, went into the fight with about fifty men. It came out with about fifteen, having lost eleven, including the Captain, killed, and twenty-four wounded.”

Cedar Mountain... “’Here come the Devils who’ve been raiding our homes. Send them where they belong,’ said the private as columns of Union cavalry attacked.”

Cold Harbor - Near General Robert E. Lee’s Headquarters... “General R. E. Lee, striving in vain to hide a smile, merely thanked us for wishing to save him from discomfort. He made us ride before him and throw dust in his face while we rode all the way back to the public road.”

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