• Rebel Hart

A liberal reward is offered for information leading to the whereabouts and eventual capture of a Miss Nancy Hart, about 16 years of age, black hair, dark eyes, fair complexion, considered to be comely in appearance, and known to be a Rebel guide and spy. She has been reported in the company of known Confederate guerilla, Perry Conley, for whom a death warrant has been posted by the United States government.

This Civil War warrant circulated throughout western Virginia early in 1862. A farm girl from the mountains of what was to become the state of West Virginia before it became a state, Nancy Hart left home to join the Moccasin Rangers, a group of Rebel raiders who struck Federal army encampments quickly and then returned to hiding in the caves and hills they knew so well. Shunned by her family, twice captured by the enemy and with a price on her head, Nancy soon found herself in a day-to-day struggle for survival. Nancy’s extraordinary experiences early in the Civil War changed her from an impetuous girl to a strong young woman. Nancy Hart, with her passion for the Confederacy and her zeal for life, remains a legend in West Virginia to this day. Her story is an amazing mixture of fact and folklore, documented both by old newspapers and an intriguing Civil War photograph.

"Rebel Hart weaves fact and fiction to bring the tumultuous life of this 'ordinary' girl to modern readers."

Civil War Book Review

“I like how the book wasn’t just a bunch of history. It had life.”

Nicholas, Fifth Grader

“It (Broken Drum) really touched me in the heart.”

Becky, Fifth Grader

Author Edith Morris Hemingway ; Jacqueline Cosgrove Shields
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Rebel Hart

Edith Morris Hemingway and Jacqueline Cosgrove Shields

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