Rescue from Ploesti: The Harry Fritz Story - A World War II Triumph

William G. Williams

  • Rescue from Ploesti: The Harry Fritz Story - A World War II Triumph

In the early 1940s, thousands of young American men, some still in their teens and many without ever having been in an airplane, worked through brief training courses and found themselves within a year or less to be combat veterans. Such a young man was Pennsylvanian Harry Fritz, who was trained as the tail gunner on a B-24 Liberator bomber.

Flying with the 15th Air Force from Italy, Fritz’s plane was shot down during a raid over the mammoth ring of oil refineries that encircled the city of Ploesti in Romania.

When Romania abandoned Nazi Germany and joined the Allied cause, 1,100 Allied prisoners were left stranded. A daring rescue mission by dozens of B-17 Flying Fortresses brought all of them to safety in one of the war’s most amazing operations.

“Attacking Ploesti was as close to visiting Hell as one could imagine. I know because I went there three times—5 April, 24 April, and 5 May, 1944....How did we make it through that holocaust and so many others didn’t? I have no answer except that God needed us for other things.”

Donald R. Currier, Lt. Col. USAF (Ret.), a B-24 navigator in WWII

“I have been concerned that WWII is becoming just a footnote in history, and that those who served in a battle that set a new course for the world would soon become asterisks. Thanks to the efforts of authors like William Williams, we can learn of the dedication of individuals like Harry Fritz....”

Will Ketner, a B-17 pilot in WWII

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