Scandals of the Civil War

Douglas Lee Gibboney

  • Scandals of the Civil War

How much have things changed since the days of our ancestors? What kind of stories would tabloid readers of the 1860s have seen? What were the juicy scandals of the Civil War? This book offers an entertaining look at the antics of Lee, Davis, Sickles, Sherman, Mosby, Custer, Stuart, Abe and Mary Lincoln, and many more, transforming them from lifeless bronze-and-granite heroes to flesh-and-blood people just like us.

Scandals of the Civil War offers a rollicking, behind-the-scenes look at the bad behavior, off-duty antics and sexual shenanigans of soldiers North and South. Here are intriguing stories of the deadly duels, heavy-duty drinking, assorted adulteries, and outrageous escapades that fueled the wartime gossips.

These titillating tales put a human face on the men and women of the 1860s. It's an enjoyable volume that will amuse and entertain both the history buff and general reader alike.

  • Grant Drunk Before Congressional Visitors
  • Stonewall Jackson Admits Love of Alcohol
  • Mosby to Fight Duel
  • Sickles Shoots Wife's Lover
  • Mary Lincoln Declared Insane
  • Kilpatrick "Love Nest" Raided
  • Scandal in the Lee Family!
  • Prisoner Exchange Brings Prostitutes to Richmond
  • Simon Cameron Sued by Lover
  • Ben Butler Accused in Silverware Theft
  • General Van Dorn Killed by Lover's Husband
  • George Pickett's Indian Bride
  • Kate Chase Marriage Scandal
  • Bedford Forrest Kills Subordinate Officer Who Attacked Him
  • Gambling Mania Sweeps Army
  • Venereal Disease at West Point
  • Walt Whitman Meets Oscar Wilde
  • Funds Missing from New York Gettysburg Monument Commission
  • The Love Life of James Buchanan
  • Pennsylvania Coal Miners Rebel against Draft
  • Rebel Envoy Absconds with Government Funds
  • Jeff Davis' Marital Rift
  • North and South Trade Guns for Cotton Despite War
  • Confederate Bonds Burn European Investors
  • Drunken Soldier Riot in Harrisburg and Elmira
  • Senator Sumner's Love Problem
  • Reverend Beecher Accused of Adultery!
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