Civil War Stories: Letters-Memoirs-Anecdotes Union and Confederate

Walbrook D. Swank

  • Civil War Stories: Letters-Memoirs-Anecdotes Union and Confederate

Civil War Stories is the account of the actual participants in the war that make any historical work worth noting. Some intriguing events....

“He was in the act of piercing my father with the bayonet.”

“I came across a pile of three dead bodies of Federal troops—one of the men was killed by a bayonet through his body—one was shot between the eyes—one had his face torn away by the explosion of a shell.”

“Booth killed Lincoln to avenge the hanging of a friend.”

“Human suffering in every conceivable form imaginable.”

“No corn, no pork, no flour, no nothing in market.”

“We may never meet in this world no more.”

“He laid wounded on the Gettysburg battlefield for three days without food.”

“A number of men and horses were drowned crossing the stream.”

“Captured 8,000 prisoners, 163 guns, 30 battle flags and five Generals.”

“Went to the Capitol, saw the body of the President.”

“I was at Jackson's Headquarters and smoking was not allowed.”

“West and Buckner were both killed by bullets through the heart.”

“I was shot through both shoulders.”

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