Giants in the Cornfield: The 27th Indiana Infantry

Wilbur D. Jones Jr.

  • Giants in the Cornfield: The 27th Indiana Infantry

Giants in the Cornfield adds a fresh dimension to Civil War literature with this extensive social study of the young, uneducated farmers of the 27th Indiana Volunteer Infantry Regiment. The work focuses on the interactions of a single, homogeneous unit of common soldiers: neighbors and chums from the same county, village, and family, who endured three years of hardships to save the Union.

This human interest story captures the mental, emotional and social environment within which these 1,181 men served and fought. Utilizing thousands of letters, official and family records, diaries and memoirs to research their family life, morale, discipline, health and medical care, internal politics, camp life, religion, and morals, Jones weaves a special regimental personality, character profile, and history.

The army's tallest regiment, they gave and received ghastly casualties in Antietam's Cornfield on America's bloodiest day. They went on to fight in many major Eastern and Western battles, including Gettysburg, Chancellorsville, and Sherman's Atlanta Campaign. Told through fast-moving and interlocking vignettes and anecdotes, this is the story of the 27th Indiana Infantry.

Author Wilbur D. Jones Jr.
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