• Fire on the Water: The USS Kearsarge and the CSS Alabama

Under Captain Raphael Semmes, the CSS Alabama had been raiding Union merchant ships for nearly two years. The Alabama accounted for almost one of every four Union merchant ships lost during the entire Civil War, with more than 60 ships destroyed. The USS Kearsarge, captained first by Charles Pickering and later by John Winslow, chased the Alabama around the world. Winslow vowed to end the trail of destruction caused by the Alabama. The two finally met in an epic battle off the coast of France on June 19, 1864.

Fire on the Water examines the voyages of the Alabama and the Kearsarge toward their destiny. Using the words of the participants, James Gindlesperger offers a rare look into life at sea during the American Civil War. This tale of raw adventure and extraordinary courage will be prized by historians, genealogists, and those who enjoy a good story. Many controversies in after-the-battle studies are also examined.

Author James Gindlesperger
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Fire on the Water: The USS Kearsarge and the CSS Alabama

James Gindlesperger

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