• The United States Marine Corps in the Civil War, The Third Year

On land and water, in the North, the South, and in foreign seas, the United States Marines expanded their service in the third year of the Civil War. In the South, near the end of the third year, marines joined in the ill-fated attempts of September 1863 to recapture Fort Sumter, and in May 1864 the Red River expedition on the other side of the Confederacy. But the corps' work in the ongoing coastal war yielded success, as that duty continued.

David Sullivan weaves the foreign duty of the marines of the Pacific and East India squadrons into his story, including their role in the first confrontation between United States and Japanese naval forces at the Battle of Shimonos├ęki Straits. He here documents the hitherto little understood service of the marines in the sinking of the CSS Alabama and the capture of the CSS Florida.

At home, marines battled the mobs in the July 1863 New York draft riots. Meanwhile, the recently formed marine band performed at the Gettysburg cemetery dedication ceremonies where President Abraham Lincoln delivered his Gettysburg Address. Including eyewitness accounts, Sullivan also shows how the Marine Corps' internal administration worked.

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The United States Marine Corps in the Civil War, The Third Year

David M. Sullivan

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