• The Bravest Girl in Sharpsburg

The daring adventures of best friends Teresa Kretzer and Savilla Miller have earned them the title of "the bravest girls in Sharpsburg" and the admiration of Teresa’s shy younger sister, Bethie. But when the Civil War looms, the girls become political enemies. Teresa is a staunch Unionist; Savilla, a Secessionist. Tensions escalate as the Confederate army marches into Maryland in September 1862. The question of which flag to display and how, the fear for the lives of loved ones on both sides, and the daily dangers facing the girls all culminate in the confrontation between Confederate and Union armies along Antietam Creek. Each girl must confront challenges which test everything she believes in. In the end, Teresa, Savilla, and Bethie all learn new definitions of courage as they struggle with issues of love, loss, and friendship amidst the horror of the Battle of Antietam.

"... a lovely, poignant story ..."

School Library Journal

"Kathleen Ernst provides a vividly drawn story against a meticulously researched historical background that will raptly engage young readers from first page to last."

Children Bookwatch

"This is an excellent book for young readers."

The Civil War Courier

Author Kathleen Ernst
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The Bravest Girl in Sharpsburg

Kathleen Ernst

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