The Cellars of Marcelcave: A Yank Doctor in the BEF

Christopher J. Gallagher M.D.

  • The Cellars of Marcelcave: A Yank Doctor in the BEF

Before America went to war in 1917 to make the world “safe for democracy,” Uncle Sam sent over 1,500 doctors to fill the depleted ranks of the British Army. Among these volunteers was Ben Gallagher, 28, fresh from his internship. With a clinician’s eye and a historian’s sense, he saw the “war to end all wars” from a front line Aid Post. He survived several hairbreadth escapes as well as a successful escape from a prisoner of war camp. But only Ben’s shoes make it to freedom! Ben’s encounters with wounded British, the famous Baron von Richtofen, and a German intelligence officer bring the conflict to life. Edited by his grandson, also a doctor, Ben’s journal of his actual experiences make for an unforgettable read. This book is for historian and non-historian alike. A reallife “All Quiet on the Western Front” as told by an American doctor who was “over there.”

Author Christopher J. Gallagher M.D.
Pages 288
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