The Forgotten Flag: Revolutionary Struggle in Connecticut

Frances Y. Evan

  • The Forgotten Flag: Revolutionary Struggle in Connecticut

In 1964 two young girls make a mysterious discovery. An old, stained American flag is found stuffed into the rafters of a historic farmhouse. The story of the flag is revealed as the events of July 1779 in the small town of Fairfield, Connecticut, unfold. The town becomes the target of a shoreline raid by British forces. The British intend to break the morale and spirit of the American patriots.

The members of the Middleton family exhibit great determination and courage resisting the British raid on their town. Thomas, a member of the local militia, carries with him a flag, the precious symbol of a proud new nation. Ben tries to protect his mother from approaching danger, as Sarah Middleton resolves to save her home and valuables from pillaging soldiers.

When Fairfield is pillaged and burned, Thomas must flee to safety, with help from his brother Ben. Pursued by the enemy, they struggle desperately through woods, across fields, into thickets and gullies. The Forgotten Flag is the story of the townsfolk of this small community as they stand against the British.

“An interesting and lively account of the burning of Fairfield, Connecticut, by the British in 1779. It is good reading for middle school students and adults as well. The action is crisp and the characters sympathetic.”

Lyn McNaught, Executive Dir., Horizons Student Enrichment Program

“Frances Evan’s The Forgotten Flag brings the struggle to a small town and its families, homes, schools and churches. The assault of well-trained British and Hessian troops on the militia of Fairfield, a small Connecticut community, brings the battle to ordinary citizens. Conflicts between supporters of the Revolution and British loyalists divide the town and set the scene for betrayal and destruction. Mrs. Evan’s characters are real and grow and develop as they respond to the threats of mercenary troops.”

Barbara F. Kmetz, Ed.D., Dir. of Curriculum, Trumbull, Connecticut Public Schools

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