Mosby's Confederacy: A Guide to the Roads and Sites of Colonel John Singleton Mosby

Thomas J. Evans, James M. Moyer

  • Mosby's Confederacy: A Guide to the Roads and Sites of Colonel John Singleton Mosby

Many of this book's 160 photographs are published here for the first time. These images document a vanishing era, showing structures that Mosby knew, which are now gone or rapidly disappearing. The original maps, combined with the illustrations, the text, the oral histories now set down on paper, and the authors' deep understanding based on years of giving tours of Mosby's Confederacy, all produce this unusual but authoritative account. Useful for tours of varying lengths, this book also gives insights into the region near Washington, D.C. that Mosby dominated and into the loyalty that he inspired, not only during the Civil War, but also in this century. This loyalty helps the reader to better understand both the Gray Ghost of the Confederacy and the lost cause which he served so well.

"In their guerilla operations, the forerunner of those of the commandos of today, Mosby’s Rangers stayed away from well traveled routes and stole along unmarked paths behind enemy lines. Their hiding places were out of the way, in secret spots where they could not easily discovered. They were the sight-unseens.

"It was the mysterious manner in which they moved that gave them the edge over the enemy, that made their little band of only 800 men in effect a small army that performed wonders—took Federal officers out of their beds, captured valuable stores of food and carried off droves of horses and cattle—operated so effectively that Confederate General Robert E. Lee remarked: 'Hurrah for Mosby! I wish I had a hundred like him!'

"Now, for a book to come along and, in effect, take the history-lover by the hand and lead him through the area that became known as Mosby's Confederacy is like a shot out of heaven."

Virgil Carrington Jones

Author Thomas J. Evans ; James M. Moyer
Pages 134
Images 160
Maps 10
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