Of Men and Muskets: Stories of the Civil War

Robert P. Broadwater

  • Of Men and Muskets: Stories of the Civil War

Of Men and Muskets gives insight to the personalities of many of the most prominent Civil War leaders through the use of anecdotes and stories which show what made them laugh and what touched their hearts. It is important to show the human side of these great leaders in order that we may examine their characters.

After reading only a few of the stories contained in this book, the reader will find that there was a touching simplicity in the humor and compassion of these historic figures. This same simplicity serves to make these stories as entertaining today as they were more than 100 years ago. Scholar or novice, historian or buff, all can enjoy the stories contained herein. So discover a side of the civil war legends that you never knew about before with the anecdotes and tales which most history books do not have room for.

All of the stories contained in this book are true and are derived from documented sources. Care has been taken to use the facts and discard the fiction.

Author Robert P. Broadwater
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