Old Abe's Jokes: Humorous Stories Told of and by Abraham Lincoln

Walbrook D. Swank

  • Old Abe's Jokes: Humorous Stories Told of and by Abraham Lincoln

A unique, personal, political, and humanistic portrait of President Lincoln. This captivating and colorful collection of jokes, war anecdotes, and humorous stories told of and by Lincoln is the largest and most stimulating known to exist.

Old Abe on the Congressmen

As the president and a friend were sitting on the House of Representatives steps, the session closed, and the members filed out in a body. Abraham looked after them with a sardonic smile. "That reminds me," said he, "of a little incident. When I was quite a boy, my flat boat lay up at Alton, on the Mississippi, for a day, and I strolled about the town. I saw a large stone building, with massive walls, not so handsome, though, as this; and while I was looking at it, the iron gateway opened, and a great body of men came out. 'What do you call that?' I asked a by-stander. 'That,' said he, 'is the state prison, and those are all thieves, going home. Their time is up.'"

Abe and the Distance to the Capitol

It is stated that he was much disgusted at the crowd of officers who sometime ago used to loiter about the Washington hotels, and he is reported to have remarked to a member of Congress: "These fellows and the Congressmen do vex me sorely." Another member was conversing with the president, and was somewhat annoyed by the president's propensity to divert attention from the serious subject he had on his mind by ludicrous allusions. "Mr. Lincoln," said he, "I think you would have your joke if you were within a mile of hell."

"Yes, sir, that is about the distance to the Capitol."

Old Abe's Uncle

"My deceased uncle," says old Abe, "was the most polite gentle man in the world. He was making a trip on the Mississippi when the boat sank. He got his head above the water for once, took off his hat, and said, 'ladies and gentle men, will you please excuse me?' and down he went."

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