One Surgeon's Private War: Doctor William W. Potter of the 57th New York

John Michael Priest

  • One Surgeon's Private War: Doctor William W. Potter of the 57th New York

On March 23, 1888, Doctor William Warren Potter wrote, "It is ecpedient that every man who can do so, should record what he did, and what he saw done, during his military service. Acting upon this conviction, I have attempted to carry out this purpose in my own case in a truthful manner, without any attempt at self-praise, or to embellish the pages with anecdote of eulogy." Potter, who served as the assistant surgeon of the 49th New York, and as the surgeon of the 57th New York, left behind an account of the war from a doctor's perspective.

He documents the history of the 49th New York from its creation in August 1861 through Fredericksburg, when he transferred to the 57th New York. From there his accounts follow the events through Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, the Wilderness, Petersburg, and Deep Bottom. Potter gives the reader an intimate view of the war from a surgeon's perspective. One Surgeon’s Private War is a realistic tribute to the medical staff.

In addition, this memoir is a testimony to what dedicated students can do when given the opportunity. Under the supervision of John Michael Priest, seven high school students met after school for two years to research and edit these memoirs.

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