Educational Resources

Teachers! Did you know many select White Mane Kids™ titles now contain educational resources and classroom material in the back of the book?

White Mane Kids™ is dedicated to producing titles that are historically accurate and educational, yet entertaining to young readers. Many of these titles contain an educational resources section located in the back of the book. Meant specifically to assist teachers in the classroom, this section may contain some or all of the following:
  • A glossary
  • Additional background on the time period or topic
  • Suggested topics for discussion
  • Student activities
  • Lesson objectives or lesson plans

In our catalog, these titles are denoted with the Education small icon in the title description. In stores, look for White Mane Kids™ books with the Educational Resources Included label (pictured below) on the back cover.

In addition, some authors also have lesson plans available for download on their websites.