Eighteen Roses Red: A Young Girl's Heroic Mission in the Revolutionary War

Ruth H. Maxwell

  • Eighteen Roses Red: A Young Girl's Heroic Mission in the Revolutionary War

“Eighteen roses red,” a wounded Rebel soldier whispers, and with those words thirteen-year-old Anne Elizabeth Brewster is drawn into a daring adventure.

Anne’s family has been torn apart by war. Her father was actively working for the Revolution before his death. Her brothers have gone off to fight. Anne’s uncle, a Loyalist, has refused to let her cousin Faith even visit. And Morgan Jones, the young man of her dreams, is to return to England with his Loyalist family. All she has is her mother and her stitchery. Anne plans to enter her sampler in the town faire in the hopes it will bring credit to her outcast family. And now a Rebel soldier lies near death in her home with an important message for General Washington—one that might well save many lives.

"A wonderful book. This exciting story kept me turning pages. It makes you feel like you have taken a time machine back to the days when ordinary girls and boys were becoming heroes as they helped to create our nation.... destined to become a children's classic."

Cynthia Whitcomb, author; screenwriter for “Mark Twain and Me,” Wonderful World of Disney

“Readers will be caught up in this accurate portrayal of a young girl and her family as they live the heartbreak, confusion and strife of Revolutionary War times. The author creates a dramatic story filled with historical events that enables us to relive a moment in our United States history.”

Stacey Brody, Library Media Specialist

"Ruth Maxwell's well-researched details enrich the tapestry of danger and intrigue, placing us directly in the heart of young America. If Nancy Drew had been alive in 1774, her name would be Anne Brewster."

Terri Cohlene, author of Dancing Drum, Something Special, and Won't Papa Be Surprised!

“For anyone who wonders what it might have been like to live through the American Revolutionary War, Eighteen Roses Red delivers a rich, yet terrifying account of events through the eyes of a young girl.”

Patricia Mauser McCord, Award-winning author of books for young readers

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