Ghosts of Vicksburg

Kathleen Ernst

  • Ghosts of Vicksburg

Jamie Carswell’s happiest childhood memories are of summers spent in Mississippi with his favorite cousin, Althea Winston. When he joins the 14th Wisconsin Infantry Regiment, he is horrified to find himself campaigning in Mississippi—and to see firsthand the impact of war on local women and children. Althea, meanwhile, is struggling to keep her family intact and safe. She is also haunted by a past mistake that took a terrible toll on her family.

When the Union army settles in to besiege Vicksburg in 1863, Jamie is in the entrenchment and Althea is trapped inside the city. As the endless days and nights of bombardment unfold, the two cousins struggle to make peace with the past and to cope with the present. Ghosts of Vicksburg is the compelling story of two young people struggling to find their way during one of the most dramatic campaigns of the Civil War.

Author Kathleen Ernst
Pages 228
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