Lizzie and the Prairie Fire: Girl Pioneer in the American Midwest

Gail Ann Wood

  • Lizzie and the Prairie Fire: Girl Pioneer in the American Midwest

Living in a sod home in 1892, young Lizzie Lipinski craves more excitement from her life on the prairie. Her pa instructs her to spend all summer playing atop a lonely hill on the farm looking out for his malicious enemy—prairie fire. Feeling tied to the horrible hill in the scorching heat, Lizzie can’t quite see past her discontentment until she comes face to face with the wrath of the prairie’s threatening flames. As Lizzie battles the flames, the water she splashes over the wildfire to save her home and family douses the embers of her inner struggle at the same time.

“Standing up rigidly, Lizzie rubbed the sweat from her eyes. Drawing her hands up to her forehead to shade her vision, she blinked as hard as she could once more, staring over the prairie. A large lump welled in Lizzie’s throat, making it hard for her to swallow. At once, thoughts started racing through her head.... Hazy billows began to rise and snake into the air. She was sure now as she spotted the flickering, far off in the distance....”

Inspired by and based on the real life of Elizabeth “Lizzie” Lipinski, Lizzie and the Prairie Fire sweeps the reader into both the glory of the prairie and into the heart and mind of an unlikely heroine from another time in history. Find out how a horrible hill and raging fire sweeping the prairie bring about a surprising change in a young heart.

Author Gail Ann Wood
Pages 124
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