The Evans' Chronicles: A Family at War

William G. Williams, James N. Logue

  • The Evans' Chronicles: A Family at War

Wars affect the people who fight them in many different forms, from bodily harm to questions of reason to absolute dedication. There are different reactions and consequences for every person.

In this story, the fictional Evans family offers their best in America’s ten most prominent wars. Each one who serves leaves behind their sense of military duty. A description of that duty is written in story form by family members for the future. The first nine who fight for their country leave a rich family history for the tenth fighter, a woman.

Some survive, but with different attitudes. Some limp back to the family ranch. Some give their all. They find that their time away from home is governed not by them but by other forces of nature, by people whom they barely know, and by enemies they never meet.

The consequences of each in battle gives strength to those in the family who follow from generation to generation. Each generation of the Evans family become more important to their country.

Author William G. Williams ; James N. Logue
Pages 334
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