The Good Soldier: The Story of a Southwest Pacific Signal Corps WAC

Selene H.C. Weise

  • The Good Soldier: The Story of a Southwest Pacific Signal Corps WAC

Flying in the face of tremendous prejudice against women in uniform, Selene Weise joined the army in 1944 to serve her country, ultimately as a cryptographic technician in forward areas, but even her family was embarrassed to see her in uniform when she returned on furlough. Becoming one of a select group of Women’s Army Corps women who served with the Signal Corps in the Asia Pacific theater of operations, she now shares her story. With memories suppressed for many years, and her letters forming the basis for this work, Ms. Weise has written an unforgettable story of courage and determination. With women in the military now a common occurrence, the story of the women of the World War II era offers a look at the basis for our modern military.

Serving throughout the Southwest Pacific, her observations and experiences offer a woman’s view of the war, not usually found. Surviving twenty-two months and acquiring three battle stars, Ms. Weise finally returned home only to find the continued prejudice against a woman in uniform who had served her country overseas in battle zones.

"A modest but valuable addition to the literature of women in the military.”

American Library Association Booklist

“A rare account by one of only a hundred fifty Signal Corps women assigned to the Pacific during World War II”

Midwest Book Review

“It is a touching story consisting of sadness, humor, death, and rebirth. It is a story of an incredibly courageous woman.”


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