The Night Riders of Harpers Ferry

Kathleen Ernst

  • The Night Riders of Harpers Ferry

Based on a True Story

In the weeks preceding the Battle of Antietam Creek, 1862, Solomon Hargreave, along with the rest of the newly-formed 8th New York Cavalry Regiment, had to adjust to life in the army. The appointment of a Southern-born colonel to their unit, and rumors of a Confederate army advance did not ease their adjustment.

While riding in Maryland, Solomon rescues a lockkeeper's daughter, Mahalia, from drowning in the Potomac River. As Solomon comes to know Mahalia and her family, he quickly learns how tangled politics and family relationships can be in that troubled border state. Mahalia's brother is the notorious leader of a band of Rebel partisans, and Solomon's colonel wants him to learn more about the family.

While Solomon pursues that mission, with results that threaten his friendship with Mahalia, the Confederate noose tightens around Harpers Ferry. Only a daring plan can save the regiment. Can Solomon trust his colonel? Can he trust his own military ability? And can he trust Mahalia with his heart?

This is a memorable tale of loyalty and adventure, based on a true story.

"This novel conveys the strain of divided families, misguided loyalties, and the hardscrabble existence of that period. The love interest is apparent, but it never becomes sappy or supersedes the action and adventure. Readable, first-person novel."


"Entertaining and instructive at the same time." "Surefire hit for historical fiction fans."

School Library Journal

"The end result is recommended reading for high school students and many an adult who may find final understanding of Harpers Ferry events through an accessible, personalized writing style."

The Bookwatch

"This book will hold you to your seat and make you want more."

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