Inside Nurnberg: Military Justice for Nazi War Criminals

Roy A. Martin M.D.

  • Inside Nurnberg: Military Justice for Nazi War Criminals

Reichsmarschall Hermann Göring, Colonel General Alfred Jodl, Adolf Hitler’s chief of staff Feldmarschall Wilhelm Keitel, along with Rudolf Hess, Joachim von Ribbentrop, and the other senior civilian administrators and military commanders of the Third Reich all faced the judgment of civilization for their crimes at Nürnberg. (English speakers called it “Nuremberg”.) At a time when once again, the rules of civilized society are under attack in many parts of the world, Dr. Roy Martin has come forward to tell his insider’s story of what happened at the International Military Tribunal at Nürnberg.

Dr. Martin’s assignment in 1946 was to keep the Nazi leaders in good health as long as possible so they could participate in their war crimes trials. As part of that assignment, he had to keep them from committing suicide as Göring did after his sentencing to death by hanging. Göring had wanted to be shot as befitting a soldier. After the 11 defendants the tribunal condemned to death were executed, Dr. Martin remained one of two physicians assigned to care for Karl Dönitz, Albert Speer, and the other five Nazis sentenced to imprisonment. He even accompanied them on their transfer by air to the famous Spandau prison in Berlin. He then stayed on in Nürnberg for the trials of the lesser Nazis that followed.

Roy Martin has here not only told his story, but also that of the Germans standing trial. He has given us their thoughts as expressed to their physician, their artwork, and their ultimate fate. His story offers insight not only into the era of the Second World War, but also into the state of humanity itself as it tried to understand the horrors of that age.

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