Kriegie 7956: A World War II Bombardier's Pursuit of Freedom

Betty Gatewood, Vernon Gatewood

  • Kriegie 7956: A World War II Bombardier's Pursuit of Freedom

Betsy, a high-school history student, learns a personally important story of the hardships and hopes of a World War II POW when her grandfather is encouraged to tell his ordeal as a German POW. His training as a bombardier, his duties as an officer, and the anticipation of married life precede his harrowing story of being shot down in his B-24 over enemy territory on September 10, 1944. His POW experiences of deprivation, loneliness, and discomfort are interspersed with his wit, humor, and introspection despite the desperate conditions in the three camps in which he was held for nine months. A forced march from one POW camp to another in snowy January 1945, to avoid the advancing Russian troops, saps his energy and tests his morale. But his sense of duty and his dreams of leading a normal life with his new wife keeps him going through the ordeal. Finally, liberation from Stalag 7A in Moosburg, Germany, comes on April 29, 1945, by General George Patton. Betsy learns her world history lesson, but also learns a more important family history lesson.

Author Betty Gatewood ; Vernon Gatewood
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