Andersonville Journey: The Civil War's Greatest Tragedy

Edward F. Roberts

  • Andersonville Journey: The Civil War's Greatest Tragedy

Andersonville -- the name itself immediately evokes visions of human suffering and death amid crowded, filthy conditions. Andersonville Journey objectively explores the events and debunks the myths surrounding that Civil War prison. This is the first book to go beyond its war years to document the important and fascinating post-Civil War story of one of the most famous prisoner of war camps in history. Edward F. Roberts here presents the evidence and lets the reader judge the guilt or innocence of Andersonville's commandant, Captain Henry Wirz. Political forces North and South for years attempted to both suppress and exploit what happened at Andersonville for their own ends. Even after a century, differing feelings still run strongly about Andersonville and its significance. Roberts has used many previously unexamined sources, including conducting his own interview with Wirz's great - grandnephew in Switzerland, who is himself a retired colonel from the Swiss Army.

“Original in conception, superior in execution, Roberts’ work is a highly commendable achievement.”

Publishers Weekly, May 25, 1999

“Roberts does a stimulating job of letting the reader draw some conclusions on their own.” ... “Roberts strips away the self-interest to give us a worthy history.”

Arvanda Community News, May 6, 1998

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