Lee and His Generals: The Ultimate Trivia Book

Wendy Sauers

  • Lee and His Generals: The Ultimate Trivia Book

Here are more than eight hundred questions and answers about the generals in Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia. Topics from everyday life include religion, family, nicknames and even money. Many questions about the generals at individual battles offer readers a chance to test their knowledge.

Sample Questions:
Answers are given below.

  1. What was Thomas Jackson's first duty during the war?
  2. What was the first battle lost by Lee as commander of the Army of Northern Virginia?
  3. Who had his own private milk cow tied to his headquarters wagon?
  4. How could you tell when Robert E. Lee was angered?
  5. Who is suspected of losing his copy of Special Order No. 191?
  6. Who fired the first shot of the Battle of Antietam?

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  1. Commander at Harpers Ferry.
  2. Battle of Mechanicsville on June 26, 1862.
  3. William Mahone.
  4. His face and neck reddened.
  5. Daniel H. Hill. He was suspected of receiving two copies.
  6. Lieutenant A.W. Garber, a member of Stuart's batteries.
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