Lights and Shadows of Army Life: From Bull Run to Bentonville

George S. Maharay

  • Lights and Shadows of Army Life: From Bull Run to Bentonville

William B. Westervelt served in the Union army for nearly four years. In 1886, he privately published Lights and Shadows of Army Life based on his wartime diary. His narrative is unique, humorous, and perceptive. He first enlisted in the 27th New York, a two-year regiment and one of the first in the Army of the Potomac. Campaigns included Bull Run, The Peninsular Campaign, Antietam, Fredericksburg, and Chancellorsville. With Major Generals Slocum and Bartlett, the first commanding officers of the 27th New York, he coauthored the Regimental History which contains many excerpts from his book. Westervelt’s second tour was with the 17th New York Veteran Zouaves. Starting as first sergeant and finishing as first lieutenant, he was nominated for the Medal of Honor. His narrative covers traveling west, chasing Nathan Bedford Forrest, Sherman’s campaigns’ Meridian, Atlanta, to the sea, the Carolinas, Johnston’s surrender, and the Grand Review.

Prepared by George Satterly Maharay, his son-inlaw’s nephew, this edition keeps Westervelt’s material intact, adding important background information and highlighting significant and interesting aspects related to Westervelt’s experience.

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