Salisbury: Civil War Death Camp in North Carolina

Richard Masterson

  • Salisbury: Civil War Death Camp in North Carolina

It is an evening in the summer of 1862 and James Reed crouches near a stream named Bull Run. Many have died this day and more will die when the sun rises. Unlike others close to him, he survives to be whisked by train through small towns with cheering crowds Buffalo-bound where a hero's welcome awaits. In spite of finding Ellen, the girl who has loved him since childhood, the loneliness of caring for his dying mother, living with a stern, cold father, and companionship of derelict friends cast aside by the town’s social structure, Reed, absent of purpose and adrift in an alien world, re-enlists.

More battles and Reed's capture during the siege of Petersburg lead to a journey into a hell unimagined in the age of duty and glory. James is imprisoned at Libby in Richmond and transferred to the death camp of Salisbury, North Carolina. Salisbury is a story of survival over fear, sickness, starvation, and brutality at the hands of hateful guards and psychotic inmates. All of Reed's comrades will perish to be buried in mass graves where over 11,000 lie today in a national cemetery. Will Reed survive and the struggle ultimately have any meaning?

Author Richard Masterson
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