A User's Guide to the Official Records of the American Civil War

Alan C. Aimone, Barbara A. Aimone

  • A User's Guide to the Official Records of the American Civil War

From the Foreword by Herman Hattaway, author/co-author of General Stephen D. Lee, How The North Won and Why the South Lost:

“Every Civil War scholar and serious student of that conflict will be well advised to become familiar with this. Alan and Barbara Aimone’s very helpful and informative book about the Official Records, and how best to go about using them. The Aimones are ideally suited to produce this tool; he is the Chief of Special Collections at the United States Military Academy Library, West Point, and she has a scientific and technical background. I think this book is quintessentially useful and so important, it seems unthinkable to me to any writer worth his or her salt, who is at all interested in the Civil War, would not want to have a personal copy and to make frequent reference to it.

“As the Aimones themselves correctly observe, no research about the American Civil War can be complete without using the Official Records. It also is probable that no research on the topic is likely to be complete—and certainly could not be cast in as high a level of quality as otherwise would have been possible— without being aware of what the Aimones tell us about the Records."

“A User's Guide to the Official Records of the American Civil War is definitely a "user friendly" resource. It should be consulted by all researchers planning to launch a foray into the Official Records.”

Periodical Journal of America's Military Past, 1995

“If your research topic is going to involve the ORs, you should invest in the Aimones' book first.”

Military Collector & Historian Vol XLVII No 3 Fall 1995

Author Alan C. Aimone ; Barbara A. Aimone
Pages 140
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