Civil War Acoustic Shadows

Charles D. Ross

  • Civil War Acoustic Shadows

The careers of Robert E. Lee, Ulysses S. Grant, and a number of other prominent Civil War generals were dramatically affected by unusual battlefield acoustics. Commanders who inadvertently placed themselves in an acoustic shadow ran the risk of letting victory slip away. Stranger still, battles inaudible to generals several miles from the fighting were sometimes heard clearly more than a hundred miles from the battlefield! Ross examines the acoustics of six Civil War battles and the unusual role they played in determining command decisions, and inevitably, the outcome of the war.

As one soldier entered into a clearing, his remarks revealed the very centrality of acoustics to the war. “It was like tearing away a curtain from the front of a great picture, or the sudden bursting of a thundercloud when the sky in front seems serene and clear. I had seen an unlooked-for storm at sea, with hardly a moment’s notice, hurl itself out of the clouds and clash the ocean into a foam of wild rage. But here there was not the warning of an instant. At one bound my horse carried me from stillness into the uproar of battle. One turn from a lonely bridle path through the woods brought me face to face with the bloody struggle of thousands of men.”

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