Gateway to Gettysburg: The Second Battle of Winchester

Larry B. Maier

  • Gateway to Gettysburg: The Second Battle of Winchester

Two weeks before the decisive battle of the Civil War was fought in Pennsylvania, two men struggled for control of the gateway to Gettysburg. Newly appointed Second Corps commander Richard S. Ewell was determined to gain a swift and decisive victory at Winchester, both to justify the confidence placed in him by the revered Confederate leader Robert E. Lee, and to try to quickly clear the route to Pennsylvania. That route was blocked by the Upper Potomac Division under the command of Major General Robert H. Milroy, who had controlled Winchester with an iron fist since the first day of 1863. Despite a bounty placed on his head by the Confederate government because of his perceived ruthless suppression of Rebel guerrillas in western Virginia, Milroy vowed to hold the town "in spite of fate." In a lopsided contest that spanned four days, Milroy's grossly outnumbered division was smashed to pieces, but Ewell lost precious marching time in the effort. Gateway to Gettysburg: The Second Battle of Winchester chronicles Milroy's occupation of Winchester, the battle, the fate of Milroy's division, and the personality that compelled the Union commander to stand and fight against overwhelming odds.

Author Larry B. Maier
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