Kiss Me Good-bye: Finding Love Among the Ashes of the Civil War

Bonny Barry Sanders

  • Kiss Me Good-bye: Finding Love Among the Ashes of the Civil War

During the War Between the States, James McCormick, an Irish-Catholic immigrant in Potsdam, New York, works for a carriage manufacturer and wants to marry Annie Cutting, the boss’s daughter. Cutting hires James to take his place in the war, promising that James and Annie can marry when James returns. The conflict between the Irish-Catholic wheelwright and the upper class English-Anglican Cuttings continues to develop as the story follows James in the 60th New York State Volunteer Regiment. Tensions build when it appears Cutting will not keep his word, James becomes jealous of another man, typhoid fever strikes James’s regiment, and the battles rage on. Can love survive one of the country’s greatest upheavals?

We danced to the shower of bullets at our feet and shuffled on performing a terrible two-step among our brothers’ ashes. Sometimes in the thick of battle I feel like I’m already dead, and I’ve become a killing machine. That’s my worst horror!

The actual history of the 60th New York State Volunteer Regiment and accounts of its battles at Antietam, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, and Lookout Mountain weave through the words of a soldier from Company A in this wartime love saga.

“This book provides an engaging dichotomic blend of the horrors of war and the passion of separated lovers. Sanders letters present a surprisingly accurate depiction of the emotions, attitudes and reactions of those who endured the frontline and the homefront during the Civil War. It is a delightful read for lovers of fiction and history alike.”

Bradford A. Wineman, PhD, Department of Military History, US Army Command & General Staff College, Ft. Leavenworth, KS

“The story catches us up not just in events but in the social values and personal dynamics that shaped the Civil War. This is Civil War history as you wish it were taught, authentic in its factual detail, but also riveting in its story of two lives it tears apart. …Writing that rises to the level of poetry with striking images that resonate with their nineteenth-century setting.”

Sharon Scholl, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Jacksonville University

“Ms. Sanders captures the human dimension of the war. At times it seems that the protagonist, James McCormick, is a Forrest Gump of sorts befriending Walt Whitman, seeing President Lincoln, and being present at many of the major engagements of the war.”

Philip Smith, Assistant Lecturer, History Department, Texas A&M University

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