Leather & Steel: The 12th Pennsylvania Cavalry in the Civil War

Larry B. Maier

  • Leather & Steel: The 12th Pennsylvania Cavalry in the Civil War

The 12th Pennsylvania Cavalry was a hard-luck regiment. During its term of service in the Civil War, the 12th had to contend not only with fighting the Rebels, but also with internal strife. Their first colonel resigned under suspicion of embezzlement; a lieutenant colonel was cashiered because of drunken rages, and their second colonel and two majors were cashiered for incompetence. Poor leadership compounded the military disasters that seemed to plague the 12th. After only two months in the saddle, the Hussars were forced to challenge an overwhelming number of Stonewall Jackson’s veterans in a disastrous nighttime encounter. Before they had the opportunity to recover from the loss of half of the regiment, the 12th found itself at Antietam. Within a year, the Hussars fought with Robert H. Milroy's division at the battle of Second Winchester. During their third summer in blue, the regiment was among the assortment of forces that were shattered by Jubal Early's 1864 campaign. The Hussars spent the rest of their time in a dangerous and nerve-wracking guerrilla war with Harry Gilmor and John Singleton Mosby in the Union-occupied Shenandoah Valley.

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