Lincoln on God and Country

Gordon Leidner

  • Lincoln on God and Country

In times of decision, especially those times when the United States faces a crossroad, Americans have always turned to the wisdom of those leaders who have shaped our country. Abraham Lincoln was one of those leaders.

Lincoln was steeped in the religious origins of the United States as well as the principles of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution. Gordon Leidner understands not only Abraham Lincoln, but also our own times. Through Leidner, Abraham Lincoln speaks to our concerns and to us.

Lincoln’s first love was the Declaration of Independence. His heart was with its affirmation of equality, even though his mind understood that the Constitution of the United States legalized slavery. Lincoln held the United States together in a way no one else could have.

Gordon Leidner here presents the constitutional views and faith of President Abraham Lincoln in a manner both easy to understand and scholarly. As our nation faces new challenges, Leidner has given the United States the best thinking of Abraham Lincoln to help us.

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