The Gray Riders: Stories from the Confederate Cavalry

Lee Jacobs

  • The Gray Riders: Stories from the Confederate Cavalry

What was it like to ride with Stuart, Forrest, or Mosby? Here are stories from the Confederate cavalry, expressing the experiences and emotions of those who served as the “eyes and ears” of the army. Some tales are humorous; others portray comradeship, pride, and patriotism.

Unlike the large-scale artillery and infantry battles, most cavalry fights were skirmishes among small groups of mounted men, often serving as scouts. “They fell not by scores and hundreds, but by two and tens.” Even their enemies spoke of the Confederate cavalry with admiration.

Lee Jacobs has brought units like the Terry Texas Rangers and individuals to life in this collection of deeply felt experiences of horse soldiers in both east and west.

“Author Lee Jacobs has expertly compiled excerpts from old diaries, regimental histories, newspapers, magazines, and letters and produced a first-rate account of these men who General U.S. Grant called 'the finest damn cavalry ever to trod the soil of North America'.”

Military and Bravo/Veterans Outlook Magazine

“The book, however, is more than just an anecdotal history of the Gray Riders... The Gray Riders is a good, quick, easy, and fun read. Mr. Jacobs provides glimpses into Civil War history that are seldom seen elsewhere and his 'authors' comprise an all-star cast.”

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