A Guide to Civil War Sites in Maryland: Blue and Gray in a Border State

Susan Cooke Soderberg

  • A Guide to Civil War Sites in Maryland: Blue and Gray in a Border State

If you want to touch the "hallowed ground" of a battlefield, follow in the footsteps of the ghosts of legions of soldiers as they tramped through the countryside of Maryland, or see with your own eyes how a Confederate smuggler's boat could disappear in the glare of the sun on the waters of the Potomac, then you need A Guide to Civil War Sites in Maryland.

With more than two-hundred sites this book is the most comprehensive Civil War guide to Maryland ever published. Whether you travel by car, on foot, or by armchair this manual will lead you to both familiar places, and to places off the beaten track--all chosen to present an overall view of the Civil War in Maryland and how it affected the people who lived there.

Detailed maps, and precise directions lead the traveler to each site, and modern photographs further help to identify sites. The volume is organized into nine regions for easier reference. It is equipped with a complete index and an index of sites. To make this guide even more valuable, more than ninety notable Marylanders of the Civil War who have been mentioned in the text receive short biographies in the appendix.

Author Susan Cooke Soderberg
Pages 256
Images 56
Maps 14
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