A Slave to Glory: Reuben and Ona's Story of Love

Carol C. Schwartz

  • A Slave to Glory: Reuben and Ona's Story of Love

Although Reuben Bibb and Ona North were enslaved, they married in 1847 in Franklin County, Missouri. Their strong belief in God and devotion to the Methodist Church enabled the couple to face the many hardships of slavery and guided them in raising their eight children.

Reuben was mustered into the United States Union Army on December 29, 1863. As a volunteer in the United States Colored Troops, 65th Regiment, Company D, Private Reuben Bibb fought to save his country and to free all enslaved African Americans. Reuben served with courage and integrity, all the while maintaining his faith in God and his love for his family.

After her husband’s death on December 12, 1864, Ona North Bibb attempted to maintain the life that she and Reuben had promised to each other 17 years earlier. Will she be able to go on without her beloved husband?

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