Abraham Lincoln: The Complete Book of Facts, Quizzes, and Trivia

Gordon Leidner

  • Abraham Lincoln: The Complete Book of Facts, Quizzes, and Trivia

Abraham Lincoln: The Complete Book of Facts, Quizzes, and Trivia is the one source for testing your knowledge of our 16th president. From his early life, through the American Civil War, until his tragic death the reader is offered a detailed account of the individual and his life. More than just a collection of trivia this complete book offers a glimpse into the life of Lincoln the man.

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  1. What terrible accident happened to Lincoln when he was eight years old?
  2. What other rising politician courted Mary Todd besides Lincoln?
  3. What sport did Lincoln play while he was a congressman?
  4. Why did Lincoln break his engagement with Mary Todd in early 1841?
  5. What election results gave Lincoln, in his own words, "more pleasure than any other?"
  6. In 1860, when Lincoln was nominated to be the Republican candidate for president in Chicago, what was happening a few blocks away at the McVickers Theatre?
  7. How much did Lincoln charge his clients for legal counsel?
  8. What did Lincoln do to improve his knowledge of military strategy in the early months of the Civil War?
  9. What was Lincoln's favorite poem?
  10. Where did Lincoln go to write the draft of the Emancipation Proclamation?
  11. What was the nickname Lincoln’s secretaries Nicolay and Hay had for Mary Todd Lincoln?

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  1. He was kicked in the head while walking behind his old mare at a gristmill. Knocked unconscious and bleeding, it was thought that he would die, but he awoke four hours later.
  2. Lincoln's political rival Stephen A. Douglas.
  3. Bowling, at lanes owned by James Casparis.
  4. He had fallen in love with Mary’s cousin, Matilda Edwards.
  5. When, at the age of 23, he was elected captain of militia by his men in the Black Hawk Indian War.
  6. The play "Our American Cousin" was opening. This is the play he would be watching when shot by John Wilkes Booth nearly five years later.
  7. Five dollars to support an appearance before the justice of the peace, $10 or $15 in circuit court, and up to $100 for the Illinois Supreme Court.
  8. He checked out books on military science from the Library of Congress.
  9. "Mortality" by William Knox. It started with the words, "Oh, why should the spirit of mortals be proud?"
  10. The telegraph of the War Department. He worked on it for short periods of time each day, over the period of a couple of weeks, and kept it locked in a telegraph operator's desk.
  11. The Hellcat.
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